Insta infra is the company, which focuses on fast pacing the infrastructure growth of any businesses and institutions.

They do this by employing latest precast building technologies. Started in the year 2016 Insta infra has a vision to build a better world for people, and deliver it faster to them. Their intention was to break down the traditional construction model. Also, allow people to enjoy the benefits of an infrastructure delivered instantly, using off site manufacturing of precast structures.


Insta infra eyed on commercial building projects across South India

Applying Pareto principle, we narrowed down their target audience and found Architects as their niche target segment. Now, the challenge is to build a brand that positions Insta infra as a trustable precast technology company in the minds of Architects.


  • Brand Name
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • AD Campaign
  • Web Design


We adopted the “why, what and how” approach of Simon Sinek, to pitch the brand to architects.

Hence, we came up a brand statement “Building a better world, Faster”. Now all our identities and brand assets focused on carrying this statement and also answering the noble question why?. By building a brand around people, we projected Insta Infra as a society focused organization, which evoked a feeling of the positive brand among architects.