Happykin is a women sanitary product. The Customer wanted to launch his eCommerce site and run promotions. HappyKin Logo, Branding and UI were developed by one of our partner agency and we took up the development.


We had a two day workshop with the client and found pros of HRAPP and why their most favourite customers like HRAPP. We started exploring the areas where the product can be showcased for its awesomeness.
We created XD designs of totally 5 page layouts with our unique engaging content. We created a mascot for this customer since we tried to convey the message that should reach women.


We implemented the HTML only version of the site with responsiveness. We used Bulma and modern ES6 javascript to develop the site. HTML was then tested for responsivess.
We built a custom Wordpress Theme from the HTML. No Page builder was used in this process, since the customer wanted the site clutter free, clean and faster.
No jQuery Used. No Bootstrap Used (since it comes with jQuery). Only Bulma and Modern Javascript.

Work Done

  • Website XD Design
  • Content Writing
  • HTML conversion
  • Wordpress Theme
  • Wordpress custom plugin
  • Woocommerce
    • - Store Setup
    • - Product page design
    • - Discount Plugin
    • - Order Email templates


The Store was set in woocommerce since this was a single product website the setup was quite easy. The product page layouts has to be customised based on the XD design. Order Email templates to match brand design.
Shipping plugin based on zipcode.
Discount plugin based on quantity of the products the price has to be discounted. for eg: Buy pack of 2 and get $50 off.