Aviatec is a constuction corporation with multiple offices and consturctions nationwide. Impressed with our portfolio and work, they approached us to get a fresh look on their website. They were looking to position thier brand as an Elite and targeted only Upper and Upper-middle class buyers.


We had a one day workshop to understand the brand, its projects, their visson and mission. This workshop enabled us and the customer to discover about their target audiance and positin the brand.
Designs were created using Sketch. The site needed a royal look to attract the customers of Upper and upper-middle class. It gives an elite look and as their projects and sites, it tempts the customer to own a flat that's built by Arima.

Work Done

  • Website Sketch Design
  • Content Writing
  • HTML conversion
  • Joomla Theme
  • Joomla Modules
  • SP Page Builder Add ons (custom built)


Development was quite challenging since the layouts were a bit complex and had a number of moving parts such as project specification, amenities etc.,
We created the site in Joomla CMS. Custom template was built and SP Page Builder was used for various layouts in the project.
SP Page builder had only basic components and this project needed a complex layout to be done. We created our own add-ons for SP Page builder and achieved the layouts.
Mobile responsiveness was achieved using CSS media queries of 2 different levels. Both for mobile and tablet mode.